Do you qualify for the Giga Society?

The Giga Society

Introductory information

Below is the full list of accepted tests, eliminating the need for inquiries like "Is the ... test accepted too?". Required is a score at or above .999999999 of the adult population on a first attempt.

Retest scores are not accepted, as are scores self-normed by the applicant. This strict policy sets the Giga Society so clearly apart from other societies with ultra-high pass levels, which rather tend to be cults of megalomania and narcissism.

Please realize that the qualification information on this page is clear and complete, and that not understanding it - that is, applying without a qualifying score - is not compatible with the intelligence level claimed by applying, and naturally disqualifies the applicant. No time will be wasted replying to such applications.


Although the above paragraphs are sufficient to the point of being overly explicit as they are, some require this kind additional advice: You will not be admitted based on screen shots of your supposed performance on some online game; there is no point in sending such, nor is there any point in resubmitting an unqualified application indefinitely.

Accepted tests and qualifying scores

Most of the tests can be found on or through I.Q. Tests for the High Range. Applications for membership are to be sent to the society's Psychometitor.